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Image and Video Analysis

SYS Consulting can automate aspects of complex image processing. We have particular strengths in image segmentation, scene understanding and extracting important information from colour to shape within images.

Overview of Image and Video Analysis

Automated analysis of information contained within images.

How Businesses can benefit from Image Analysis

The amount of information collected and represented in images and films is growing rapidly. Analysing this information can useful but also time consuming and costly. The Image and Video Analysis group at UEA is developing techniques to automatically identify and analyse important components of images, maximising the information contained in them and minimising the amount of analysis time required. For example the team developed a system to identify problems on railtracks, potentially reducing the need for people to walk the tracks looking for cracks or debris

In addition to making image analysis more efficient the image and video analysis group can help change how you interact with your customers. By developing an on-line image analysis tool the team enabled start-rite customers to accurately predict the size of children's feet from photographs. This helped the company develop an effective on-line shopping service. For more information see Click'n'Fit.

Case studies

See the panel to the left for links to Case Studies describing applications of SYS Consulting Image and Video Analysis expertise including Computerised Lip-reading, Detecting Railway Defects, and the Click'n'Fit system developed for Start-rite.

Update: April 2009

See the study on Computerised Lip-reading for a Research Breakthrough in April 2009.