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Urban Modelling

Urban Modelling Group's cutting edge software and modelling techniques create still images and flythroughs of virtual models and urban environments.

Overview of Urban Modelling

Urban Modelling Group's, UMG, cutting edge software and modelling techniques create still images and flythroughs of buildings, cities and other virtual environments quickly and cost effectively. By drawing on a variety of data sources geographically accurate virtual models of urban environments are created, ranging from exteriors and interiors of individual buildings to entire cities, which are suitable for a variety of uses from planning applications and redevelopment opportunities to education and tourism.

How Businesses can benefit from Urban Modelling

Creating realistic virtual landscapes and building representations is helping stakeholders visualise environments. Models can be produced which depict representations of the current environment, one that existed in the past, or one that represents a possible future development. From line drawings to photorealistic UMG can generate images at different levels of complexity for use with all popular software formats. Illustrative details can be easily modified from changing hard landscaping and building materials to inserting new buildings and varying street design. Animated flythroughs and stills can be used with traditional print and electronic media, including CD-ROM, DVD and web applications. Organisations that can benefit from Urban Modelling could use the models for:

Case Studies

See the panel to the left for links to Case Studies describing applications of SYS Consulting Urban Modelling expertise to generation of 3D Virtual Reality Models.

Urban Modelling Group Further information can be found on the Urban Modelling Group and Crowd Simulation Group websites.

SYS Consulting also provides services for 3D printing for rapid prototyping of 3D models. Recent advances in 3D printing technologies make it possible to print 3D physical models with realistic surface colours in a relatively short time period.