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Business Challenge

Among the most critical aspects of successful software development is the ability to make accurate decisions on how to design the software system, for example which which technologies to use, how to allocate resources during development and which future extensions to keep in mind to ensure the longevity of a system. This is typically one of the most difficult problems as the information available tends to give an incomplete picture of what can be expected for the system now and in the future.

Traditional software development methods expect information to be succinct and detailed and they generally do not cater for situations where this is not the case. This makes the decision making process a difficult and hazardous exercise is it is not possible to accurately assess the risks that are involved with taking a decision and the impact it may have.

Our Solution and Expertise

SYS Consulting has more than a decade of experience in modelling and analysing decision making processes in software development. Together with your organisation we can analyse and model decision making aspects of your software development process to determine potential risks and the impact decisions may have.

We have a specialised tooling platform that allows us to interpret decision models and combine them with techniques from probability and fuzzy set theory. This enables us to simulate a wide range of decisions and scenarios to give detailed feedback on on the risks that are involved and highlight areas of your software system and development process that are particularly prone to be impacted by such scenarios.

SYS Consulting can offer a valuable analysis and insight into the critical decision making aspects of your development process. We provide expertise in modelling and analysing your current situation and provide you with sound advice on how to isolate risks and contain costs.

Business Benefit

The technology and expertise offered by SYS Consulting has the potential to support and focus your software development process by highlighting high-risk areas and preventing costly mistakes that result from fragmented information. The possibility to analyse a multitude of scenarios that a future system will be exposed to clarifies the development direction that is required and minimises the impact of risky decisions.

More Detail

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