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Internet Security

Business Challenge

The technical challenges of the internet are considerable and the skilled hacker or criminal can be very effective in overcoming that security, especially with insider knowledge. Protecting organisations from the increasing array of threats requires a range of expertise and advanced security techniques.

Our Solution & Expertise

SYS Consulting has a range of offerings in surveillance, offensive and defensive security techniques. In addition, we can provide the skills in data mining to identify threats and previously hidden attack vectors as well as mine for evidence of both on-going and historical security breaches.

We can provide a bespoke security analysis capability blending a range of techniques and tools to provide high quality intelligence led solution. Our team have experience working with government departments, financial institutions, public sectors bodies, charities and commercial businesses who all have unique challenges.

Business Outcome

The critical benefit to the business is having access to a custom security consultancy which blends advanced techniques, wide ranging threat knowledge, experience and a strategic perspective which would be largely unavailable in many organisations.

The additional security, visibility and an increased ability to respond to threats gives an organisation an edge in times where information value and the number of threats are rising. It is critical for any business to be compliant with the current legislation to avoid potentially swingeing fines, bad publicity and legal action in addition to the impact of a data loss.

More Detail

For further information download the full Internet Security Case Study.