Providing access to expertise in the school of Computing Sciences.


Process, Architecture and Implementation Consultancy

Business Challenge

Many organisations face challenges in their IT strategy, whether it is creating a new software application, improving their current IT infrastructure, or planning and scoping their IT projects. When new opportunities arrive it can be hard to take advantage as in house expertise and resources might not be available. In particular in a segment where new technologies arrive at a tremendous pace IT based opportunities can be hazardous as well as profitable.

In many cases the dangers of such opportunities can be mitigated by bringing in external expertise that understands the challenges of software development and can identify the right opportunities and strategy for your organisation.

Our Solution and Expertise

SYS Consulting offers support on all aspects of industry software development, ranging from scoping the size and focus of a software development project or analysing and optimising a software architecture for future upgrades and new technology, to adjusting your software development lifecycle. Through SYS Consulting, scientists in the School of East Anglia will analyse your IT projects to identify key aspects and support your organisation in bringing them up to modern day standards. In addition, SYS Consulting experts can help realise small to medium size software systems for your organisation.

Business Benefit

Through SYS Consulting businesses have access to scientists in the School of Computing Sciences who are world-leading researchers in the field of software engineering. With over a decade of experience in software engineering research and industrial software development our experts are perfectly placed to support your company with state of the art technologies and a unique understanding of the problems that organisations face in their IT infrastructure and strategy.

More Detail

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