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Visible Energy

Business Challenge

The Visible Energy project is a collaboration between Green Energy Options (GEO), the University of East Anglia and SYS Consulting Ltd. The project is funded by Carbon Connections and is intended to examine the changes in energy behaviour patterns of households when provided with immediate visual and quantitative feedback. The main aim is to generate a greater depth of understanding of behaviour in household energy usage that will complement current energy monitoring and smart metering trials, resulting in an expected reduced carbon footprint for those households recruited.

GEO has developed the Home Energy Hub, a device which monitors and displays home energy usage and whose key design concept is to engage people by making the information it portrays striking, fascinating and captivating.

The full system can monitor up to 100 sensors per household and includes a colour touch screen to be used in a main living area. The Home Energy Hub also measures oil or gas boiler usage and is web enabled so that information can be downloaded to GEO.

Our Solution & Expertise

Through SYS Consulting, scientists in the School of Environmental Sciences at UEA will analyse household energy usage data to identify any significant behaviour patterns and correlate these with demographic data. In addition, SYS Consulting data mining experts will be investigating appliance signatures.

Business Benefit

It is anticipated that if the project achieves 5% penetration in 5 years (approximately 1 million homes) and assumes a 20% reduction per home at an average of 5 tonnes CO2 emissions per home, this equates to 1m tonnes CO2. The Home Energy Hub calculates the savings, which will be collected over the internet and used to estimate the total savings.

More Detail

For further information download the full Visible Energy Case Study.