Providing access to expertise in the school of Computing Sciences.

Expertise Areas


Advanced Virtual Human technology for communication, education, and web deployment, with special application to animating deaf sign language.


Application of Computing Science to problems in Biology and Genome analysis.

Data Mining

Automatic identification of patterns in large databases. These patterns represent potentially valuable and previously unknown knowledge hidden in the data.


Haptics, the sense of touch, is crucial for human function and exploration. Therefore, SYS Consulting has created an application that enables the user to employ their sense of touch in order to gain insight into complex virtual three dimensional shapes.

Image & Video Analysis

SYS Consulting can automate aspects of complex image processing. We have particular strengths in image segmentation, scene understanding and extracting important information from colour to shape within images.

Security & Network Forensics

Security and Network Forensics is a critical requirement for many organisations to protect their information assets and investigate unwanted behaviour on their IT systems. SYS Consulting can work with your company to develop systems to help protect computing networks.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the systematic design of software systems according to well-defined principles to ensure quality, usability and stability.

Sound & Voice Analysis

Using our knowledge of speech science and expertise in speech technology, SYS Consulting has been able to develop bespoke voice analysis software.

Urban Modelling

Urban Modelling Group's cutting edge software and modelling techniques create still images and flythroughs of virtual models and urban environments.

3D Printing Service

SYS Consulting have developed techniques for constructing 3D models suitable for 3D printing. This enables rapid prototypes of full colour 3D models to be created.